Tea Selection

In our hectic everyday lives, we gravitate towards a sense of peacefulness that brings contentment and fulfilment. We are present in the moment, receptive to the poetry of life and connected to everything around us.

Whether as products, experiences or destinations, these soothing escapes awaken the dormant facets of our inner essence – as does enjoying one of our carefully selected teas.

Tea is much more than a beverage; it’s a centuries-old ritual that transports us to distant places with each sip. At AGOBAY, we treasure these small moments of serenity, recognising the importance of tea in nurturing our inner peace.

René Allemann, Creative Director, AGOBAY

Delicate dried leaves. A beautifully crafted vessel. Steaming hot water. And seconds later, subtle aromas that are rising. Tea is as simple as it is extraordinary. It imbues us with tranquillity and whispers tales of its origins. At AGOBAY, we have a profound appreciation for tea, offering a collection of carefully sourced tea leaves from Japan and Indonesia and precious accessories from Japan, Denmark and Switzerland. Each cup tells a story of culture, tradition and craftsmanship, whether enjoyed alone or as part of a traditional tea ceremony guided by a tea master. Join us as we venture deeper into the captivating world of tea.

Crafting tea is a process that demands both care and expertise. Cultivated amidst lush green fields in beautiful corners of the earth, tea leaves are carefully harvested, withered, rolled, oxidised and dried by skilled hands. Each step contributes to the final quality and flavour of the tea.

Our Teas

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At AGOBAY, we have taken great care to find and curate the finest tea leaves, handpicked and gently processed. Our collection includes Sencha and Gyokuro from Japan, White, Green, Black and Oolong tea from Indonesia. Each one delights with a subtle yet distinct flavour.


For the packaging of the AGOBAY tea collection, we selected the artwork of Paul Cupido, an artist we know well and appreciate. Born on the small Dutch island of Terschelling, where the inhabitants’ lives are intertwined with nature, Paul’s photographic explorations speak of the connection between mankind and nature. Still, they are also a spiritual journey in themselves. His images float between light and darkness. Borne of the moment when day turns to night, they exist in a realm beyond time and without an abode. Their poetic allure draws us closer to the mystique of our tea and infuses our day and night with enchantment.


At AGOBAY, we have collaborated with East Java & Co and OGATA to bring you a selection of handpicked teas from Indonesia and Japan. Together, we invite you to celebrate a centuries-old tradition.

As you prepare a cup of tea, you will discover one of its most alluring qualities: tea cannot be rushed. Its leaves need time to unfurl, the water a few minutes to cool. Savour this moment of tranquillity and let the aromas whisk you away to distant lands of serenity.