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Endearing wooden creations inspired by nature

Yusuke Tazawa, a woodworker from Yokohama, Japan, has nurtured a profound affection for mountains and landscapes since his childhood. With a background in forestry and environmental consulting, Yusuke’s journey led him to the Hida Takayama region in the mountains of Gifu Prefecture, where he refined his woodworking skills. Now based in Seya Ward, Yusuke expresses his love for nature in his workshop ‘Think Forest’. His creations include delicate tea caddies, coffee scoops, serving trays and treasure bowls, as well as sake cups and pitchers that are coated with dark urushi lacquer or finished with a mixture of urushi and silver tin powder. Characterised by ‘simple design, quiet form’ and crafted from birch, walnut, or Japanese mountain cherry wood, each of Yusuke’s products reflects a harmonious balance between craftsmanship and nature.