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Helga Ritsch
Conic small vessel (2024)

Single piece, porcelain, white, unglazed

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This exquisite small vessel reveals its elegance as it unfolds before your eyes and at your fingertips. Conic in shape, it rises gracefully from a small base to a larger opening, with a line so fluid it evokes silent admiration. The organic form reflects the artist's mastery, shaping the clay with a profound sense of balance and elegance. Subtle grooves on the exterior and the imprints of Helga’s fingers in the inside are testament to Helga’s intimate connection with the material, capturing both the art and the artist in perfect harmony.


Crafted by Helga’s hands on the potter’s wheel, each piece is unique, without any possibility of replication. Skilfully crafted, this vessel gains its lasting strength during oxidation firing at 1,340°.

The artist used levigation, a purification method, to produce a particularly fine textured clay: this is visible on the exterior, while the inside maintains its natural state from when it was turned on the wheel.

The vessel bears the artist’s signature and stamp, and is created at her atelier, located within her 400-year-old home in Soazza, a village of just over 300 inhabitants nestled in the Swiss mountains.

125 grams, height 55 mm, diameter 116 mm

White porcelain

The vessel is dishwasher safe. However, once you hold your piece in your hands, you will probably prefer to care for it personally. We recommend handwashing it gently with a soft sponge and thoroughly drying it. Do not wash it with any cleansing agents and avoid using abrasive, metal or wood sponges. It must not be directly exposed to temperature shocks, whether from a flame, conventional oven, microwave, induction cooktop, freezer, refrigerator or other source of heat or cold. Avoid any shocks or friction. If you care for it, it will last a lifetime and beyond, unless it is accidentally dropped or shattered. Over time, this unglazed piece may develop a distinct patina, a natural transformation influenced by its purpose and usage. Evolving at its own unhurried pace, this process enriches your piece, rendering it truly one of a kind.

Every porcelain object is meticulously packaged to ensure its safe delivery. In the rare event of any cracks occurring during shipping, please reach out to us within a week after delivery.