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Helga Ritsch
Stoneware vase (2024)

Single piece, stoneware, grey, blue, glazed

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Having found true peace and quiet in a 400-year-old house nestled in a secluded mountain village in Switzerland’s Grisons region, Helga Ritsch is able to live her life and sculpt her ceramics at her own pace. The earthy grey-brown tones of this small bulbous vase echo her environment. A smudgy touch of blue punctuates the neutral palette, and a smooth glaze offsets the roughness of the stoneware.


Skilfully crafted entirely by Helga’s hands on the potter’s wheel, each piece is unique, without any possibility of replication. This stoneware vase gains its lasting strength during oxidation firing at 1,340°.

Its imperfect finish only enhances the natural beauty of this vase, providing textured layers. Furthermore, the blue marking against the mottled glaze brings fresh intrigue every time you view it, allowing for myriad interpretations.

The stoneware vase bears the artist’s signature and stamp, and is created at her atelier, located within her 400-year-old home inSoazza, a village of just over 300 inhabitants nestled in the Swiss mountains.

321 grams, height 80 mm, diameter 100 mm


The stoneware vase is dishwasher safe. However, once you hold your piece in your hands, you will probably prefer to care for it personally. We recommend handwashing it gently with a soft sponge and thoroughly drying it. Do not wash it with any cleansing agents, and avoid using abrasive sponges. It must not be directly exposed to temperature shocks, whether from a flame, conventional oven, microwave, induction cooktop, freezer, refrigerator or other source of heat or cold. Avoid any shocks or friction. If you care for it, it will last a lifetime and beyond, unless it is accidentally dropped or shattered. Over time, this unglazed piece may develop a distinct patina, a natural transformation influenced by its purpose and usage. Evolving at its own unhurried pace, this process enriches your piece, rendering it truly one of a kind.

Every stoneware object is meticulously packaged to ensure its safe delivery. In the rare event of any cracks occurring during shipping, please contact us within a week of delivery.