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Ko Kado
AGOBAY Set of four ‘karakami’ greeting cards

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While the joy of writing and receiving handwritten cards may elude to most, those who love them seek out just the right handmade paper and design to share their thoughts, appreciation and gratitude. This AGOBAY exclusive presents four ‘karakami’ that exude a serene beauty and provide space for various reflections, expressions of gratitude, heartfelt invitations, or any other sentiments that you want to share. The design draws on a natural palette, employs a depth of texture and features a subtle luminescent effect.


When you hold any of the four cards you realise that no detail has been rushed in their creation. They are meticulously handmade from start to finish.

After Kyoto-based Ko Kado, known as Kamisoe, defines a design, he skilfully carves intricate patterns onto woodblocks. Using a combination of coloured pigments, including iron oxide, chalk and mica isinglass powder, he delicately affixes them to the paper using a bowl-shaped tool and ‘funori’, a glue plant commonly used in Japanese textiles. Each print is pressed by hand, and as the paper is gently peeled back, the design is revealed.These tasks are undertaken by hand, resulting in subtle variations and imperfections.

Crafting paper for projects ranging from world-class restaurants to boutique hotels and invitations for maison brands, each original design is tailored to the project and created through a simple printing process.

Situated in a former barbershop within Kyoto’s textile district, Nishijin, Ko Kado’s studio and shop Kamisoe are nestled against a backdrop of tradition, heritage and craft.

One card: 14 g, length 20 cm, width 20 cm

Echizen-made vellum paper

While our ‘karakami’ are highly durable, they are delicate and need to be handed with care. Since paper is made from natural materials that can react to the environment, we recommend storing the hand-printed paper away from direct sunlight to avoid changes in colour. Ideally, choose a storage location that isn’t excessively dry or humid. Avoid direct contact with heat, water and oil. Touching the paper with varnished fingernails may leave traces on the surface.

Every card set is meticulously packaged to ensure its safe delivery. In the rare event of any damage occurring during shipping, please reach out to us within a week after delivery. As our objects are crafted in small batches and often made to order by our artisans, we regretfully do not accept any returns.