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Ceramics for everyday use

Crafted in her atelier in Zurich, Switzerland, Therese’s porcelain pieces are minimalist yet rigorously precise, and seem to own the space around them through the innate purity of their lines and their perfected proportions. It is a severity that veils an unforeseen softness: Therese smoothens every single object, layer after layer, until it feels soft to the touch. Unglazed on the outside while a touch of glaze creates a pleasant play of light, her objects are non-porous and ideal for holding both solid and liquid materials.  Each is meant to last a lifetime and designed for everyday use, so they are dishwasher-safe. Together with Therese, we create AGOBAY exclusives such as the espresso cup or the coffee mug. Every new creation emerges from the unwavering pursuit of perfection that connects us.