At AGOBAY, we create escapes, whether its a single handmade product, an unforgettable experience or a place to feel at home. We invite you to embark on a curated journey and experience the warm elegance of our world.

Guided by a rooted sense of serene minimalism, we celebrate a sensuous style and an exclusive approach to quality.

AGOBAY was borne of the desire to inspire, discover and create beauty with a purpose, so that we connect with life-minded individuals all over the world.

René Allemann, Creative Director, AGOBAY

How often have you experienced a profound longing for true beauty and fulfilment? A deep desire to discover something unique? You might not be able to capture it in words; its just a vague notion. But you know that once you find it, youll immediately sense that youre in the right place at the right time. This quest led to the creation of AGOBAY.

Youll discover an atmospheric journal of stories, photographs and films, created by a collective of professionals. Youll find an online shop filled with carefully chosen or purposefully created artisanal products, and soothing playlists to dive into. Youll experience our warm world coming to life at our stores & cafés in selected cities, at fugitive events and in thoughtfully designed sanctuaries.


Aesthetic escapes

AGOBAY was inspired by Ago-wan 英虞湾, a picturesque stretch of coastline in Japan. Amidst its small curved rock formations, traditional female divers, known as ‘Ama’ (Japanese for ‘Women of the Sea’), gracefully free dive beneath the waves to gather treasures from the ocean floor, including abalones, sea urchins and precious pearls.

And that is what AGOBAY is about: finding and celebrating the pearls of this world. Objects, places, spaces and experiences hidden in this interconnected world, rare to find, hard to forget. We fondly refer to these pearls as escapes, for they take us to magical places beyond the mundane, where time stretches, every detail aligns, and we experience with all our senses.

Attention to quality and craft are at the core of our philosophy as we curate and create these serene escapes, in both digital and physical realms.

Poetic beauty infuses our inner life. With it, objects, places and spaces transcend their ephemeral nature and imbue life with meaning. I am in awe of true craftsmanship and how profoundly it shapes our inner and outer world.

René Allemann, Creative Director, AGOBAY

Our aim is to leave you inspired. The journey is more than the destination – it’s the transformation we undergo, guided by the elegance of simplicity, nature and craftsmanship. Nurtured by an unwavering sense of certainty that you are in the perfect place at the perfect time.

Welcome to the warm world of AGOBAY.

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