The AGOBAY Coffee Mug
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The AGOBAY Coffee Mug

Balanced and soft

Be it a melody, a scent or an everyday object – at AGOBAY, we are constantly in pursuit of beauty, particularly in the seemingly small things. After all, they surround us daily and profoundly shape our lives. The more enchanting they are, the greater joy they bring. Our dedication has inspired us to create the perfect coffee mug – one that delights the eyes, sits perfectly in the hand, and transforms our daily coffee into a moment to be savoured with all the senses.

We knew we had found the right artisan for our purpose when we met Swiss ceramist Therese Müller. Therese learned her craft from the Japanese ceramist Sato Masayuki in São Paulo, Brazil, where she lived for over a decade. Upon returning to Zurich, she established her own atelier on the ground floor of her house on the Zürichberg, a hill and residential district overlooking the city of Zurich.


“Finding your ceramic ‘language’ is difficult,” says Therese Müller. “There are so many different techniques and types of glazes.” With over fifty years of experience, Therese has clearly found her style. Balanced, simple and clean-lined, her creations are beguilingly beautiful. There is nothing superfluous about them, yet through their velvety feel they exude a soothing warmth. Just like Therese herself.

What’s even more important to Therese than the pleasant sensory experience for the eyes and hands is that her objects are suitable for everyday use. That is why she invests time in making sure that a cup perfectly matches its saucer. That is why all her objects are dishwasher safe. And that is why we felt so inspired to collaborate with Therese.

Captivated by her work and dedication, we have cultivated a profound bond with Therese. We exchanged thoughts on how a perfect coffee mug should look and feel, explored sizes, shapes and colours together, and finally, over numerous coffees, collaboratively designed the AGOBAY coffee mug.


The production process embodies careful precision. First, Therese hand-pours the liquid porcelain into custom-made containers and leaves it to rest for twenty-seven minutes. Next, she takes the mugs out of the containers and meticulously polishes them until they develop a velvety texture. In the final step, only the inside of a mug is glazed – a detail that contributes to its unique beauty.

And there it is: the AGOBAY coffee mug. Perfectly proportioned, elegantly reduced, with a surprisingly soft touch. Designed for daily use and accompanied by its matching saucer. The mug is the second product that we have created with Therese Müller, the AGOBAY espresso cup being the first. Equally balanced and velvety, it’s a little smaller in size and the ideal choice for a short black roast.

Whatever blend you may prefer, we invite you to discover these two handcrafted AGOBAY exclusives. Available in both our online shop and our Zurich store, they add a touch of beauty to your coffee ritual while serving as a ’soft’ reminder to appreciate life’s small pleasures – once, twice, or even more times a day.