The perfect pieces
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The perfect pieces

Meaningful objects you will get attached to

In times when the sheer amount of choice can prove overwhelming in our busy everyday lives, we believe that true craftsmanship is the only way forward. We aspire to make it easier for you to find the soulful things – objects crafted for a lifetime. We encourage conscious choices and celebrate handmade design that feels, sounds and smells good.

Working exclusively with the most talented craft makers and the finest materials, at AGOBAY we choose a minimalist and warm elegance. While some objects are part of our permanent collection, others are limited editions or unique pieces. Regardless, when it comes to craftsmanship, every piece is a one-off.


In the hands of their makers, they undergo a unique process. Every step is an opportunity for each object to become truly special. Our artisans and designers work with meticulous precision. Yet despite their painstaking care over every step of the process, there are always subtle, barely noticeable differences that surface – little details that make up the character of every object. Once our hands discover them, they can no longer let go. And it is in precisely that fine line, curved spot or invisible bump that our fingers find infinite comfort.

Every object gains more character over time, traces of touch, sunlight or the intensity of use: it transforms slowly as it settles into our life and our environment.

It’s a process that takes time – just as the creation of each of these objects did. We invite you to observe it with the same patience, care and curiosity that the craft makers invested in every piece. The more you touch and use our objects, the more they become part of your daily life, and the more they will develop a unique patina and will thus become truly yours.

At AGOBAY, we celebrate minimalistic and warm objects that last, filled with craft and beauty that nourish our souls.



Every single object is borne of a series of conscious choices. Nothing in their creation is rushed. Craft makers have chosen their path and developed their style. They select the finest materials, learn to master their craft over time, and are fully present when they create. For our part, we carefully handpick the artisans we collaborate with from the most talented ones worldwide. We learn from them, are inspired by them, and seek to inspire them in turn. By truly valuing and celebrating their crafts, they themselves and their objects become part of our shared journey.

Your choice to add objects to your life or gift them to someone who will appreciate them should not be rushed. Imagine whether and how they would enrich your surroundings and theirs. Take your time. It doesn’t matter whether you decide today, in a month or for a special occasion. Their value in our shop won’t change, because the time and effort it takes to make them doesn’t change. The passion the makers have poured into every object remains intact over time. And the story behind every object’s creation is just as timeless. We invite you to look for your perfect pieces, as they will stay with you for a long time.