Za Kekkai Stones

Anchors of Time and Beauty

Step into our exhibition and discover the 27 ‘za kekkai’ stones by Buddhist Zen monk Tosei Shinabe. In the quietness of the dawn at Kyoto’s oldest Zen temple, Tosei Shinabe sits in deep meditation, practising and teaching ‘zazen’, a seated Buddhist meditation.

His journey regularly takes him to Awaji Island, where he carefully selects stones infused with the earth’s raw beauty. Tied with Seima rope made from the finest and rarest Japanese hemp, used in Shinto rituals at the Ise Shrine, each stone stands as a testament to nature, is filled with prayers, and promises to bring serenity to your home. In our two-week exhibition, we present 27 unique pieces exclusively reserved for purchase at our Zurich store. Discover the subtle nuances of nature’s creations and find the stone that resonates with you.

See how and where ‘za kekkai’ stones are created, watch our short film and read more about Tosei Shinabe in our journal.


AGOBAY Store & Café Zurich Fraumuensterstrasse 9 8001 Zurich Switzerland +41 43 336 80 51


Saturday, 13th April to Saturday, 27th April 2024 Open Wednesday to Saturday, 10:00 to 18:00


Throughout the exhibition period, the stones are exclusively reserved for purchase at our Zurich store, with pick-up or delivery starting from Thursday, 2nd May. Following the exhibition, any remaining stones will be available in our online shop.