RYOKO Senses Salon

The Sound of a Scent

Join us for an evening that will surprise all your senses in celebration of the fusion between olfactory and poetic arts. The event is organized in collaboration with Ryoko Hori and Daniel Kula, the visionary duo behind the RYOKO senses salon. In their Berlin-based boutique store, they craft sensory explorations through various means, including natural scents, manual therapy and traditional tea rituals, often seamlessly blended with other disciplines such as music and literature. Discover what they have created exclusively with AGOBAY and reserve your place for this unique experience. Our small gatherings are always held in an intimate atmosphere with special attention to every last detail. Experience the AGOBAY feeling and escape for a while.


AGOBAY Store & Café Zurich Fraumuensterstrasse 9 8001 Zurich Switzerland +41 43 336 80 51


Fall 2024


Available soon

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