The Agobay Weekly


It’s week 09 / 2024

This week, we delve deeper into the profound bond between AGOBAY and Japan. It resonates through our name, reflects in our vision, manifests in our collaborations and is embodied in our logo, crafted with Kyoto-based calligrapher Mikiko Kayama using Kanji script. “AGOBAY is an expression of who I am and what I long for. It’s very personal and, as such, inspired by my profound respect for the Japanese culture of craftsmanship – with its pursuit of simplicity, love of detail, and exceptional thoughtfulness,” explains René Allemann, AGOBAY’s Founder and Creative Director. This meticulous approach extends to our Instagram account. From new journal articles to products, thoughts and updates, each post is thoughtfully created to inspire and inform you on a daily basis.

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