The Agobay Weekly


It’s week 49 / 2023

Delve into our store in the heart of Zurich this week, located on the 2nd floor of a beautiful 19th-century building. It’s a warm and elegant space that exudes serenity, much like the products it showcases. Crafted by talented artisans, each piece is the result of a series of conscious choices; nothing in their creation is rushed. “At AGOBAY, we celebrate minimalistic and enduring objects imbued with craftsmanship and beauty that nourish our souls,” says René Allemann, founder and creative director of AGOBAY. While some objects belong to our permanent collection, others are limited editions, and regarding craftsmanship, each one is unique. What’s particularly beautiful: the more you touch and use them, the more they develop a patina. Discover your perfect piece and observe how it evolves over time, with you.

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