The Agobay Weekly


It’s week 29 / 2024

This week, we introduce a special collaboration, the first of its kind and one we envisage repeating and celebrating. The 1st AGOBAY Artisan Circle gathers hand-selected artisans to inspire and enrich one another, as they merge their honed skills to create something truly unique. High in the Swiss Alps, in Soazza, we gathered in ceramic artist Helga Ritsch’s atmospheric home along with visionary designer Shinichiro Ogata and master ceramicist Shingo Oka. After a ritualistic tea ceremony, a kind of magic emerged when Oka-san picked up a brush and painted delicate floral Japanese motifs on a striking vessel crafted by Helga, unmistakably bearing her minimalist aesthetic and masterful touch. Find this and more limited pieces in our Zurich store and online shop.

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